The Non Surgical Nose Job with Fillers

You can adjust your nose without surgery using dermal fillers

by Celebrity Doctor Dr Nirdosh - Aug 16, 2021

What is a Non Surgical Nose Job

The non-surgical nose job with fillers is an alternative to the surgical Rhinoplasty nose job option. A nose job is known commonly as a Rhinoplasty, is a nose lifting and reshaping of the nose procedure.  The advantage of the non-surgical nose job is that there is a lower risk of complications, and it doesn’t involve general anaesthesia or plastic surgery. 

Hyaluronic acid, also known as sodium hyaluronate, is naturally found in our skin and other parts of the body. It plays an important role in keeping our skin hydrated. Non-surgical procedures include injections of Dermal fillers treatment with hyaluronic acid to plump up the nostrils, so they look more narrow and slimmer.

Why Use Nose Filler

Simply because a nose job with nose filler to reshape your nose can give great results. There are two different fillers you can use for a non-surgical nose job: acid and fat. Fat is natural tissue, so it heals faster and doesn’t have any negative side effects. 

Now, acid is a more versatile filler but has side effects that include nose bleeds, swelling, and sensitivity in the area where the filler was injected. The one used commonly is Hyaluronic Acid, an acid filler commonly used for a non-surgical nose job because it provides an instant result with no downtime. 

A rhinoplasty non-surgical nose job is a procedure that many women and men want to undergo because of the result. A nose job with fillers can be used as an alternative to a regular nose job with a scalpel and a nose thread lift with sutures that use general anaesthesia, which is risky for many people. 

Cosmetic surgery requires you to take off time from work and is quite painful, but the results are permanent, whereas a non-surgical nose job is more cost-effective and has a faster recovery time.

How A Non-Surgical Nose Job Works

A non-surgical nose job is done by injecting an acid into the tip of your nose, which causes it to freeze up. The filler is used to reshape the nose by plumping the tip and reducing any asymmetry. Hyaluronic acid is the filler used, and it can be injected into your nose in just a few minutes without any complications or downtime.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) nose filler is a natural chemical found in the human body that takes up to 1,000 times its weight in water and helps to support collagen. HA is also known as Sodium Hyaluronate. It’s best known for its ability to help keep skin looking plump and radiant. You can change the way you look and feel by adding HA nose filler to your skincare regimen. Skin with high amounts of hyaluronic acid has a supple and youthful appearance.

The different types of hyaluronic acid?

There are two major types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). One is naturally occurring in the human body, and one has been created for cosmetic use. Naturally, occurring HA can be found in many different places throughout the body. The one we need to inject to fix wrinkles is the HA for cosmetic use as it’s an Anti-ageing Hyaluronic Acid: which helps with water retention in the skin. This enables the skin to plump up, creating a smooth texture because of its ability to help build collagen, and as such, it can be used to effectively improve skin conditions such as fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Advantages of a non-surgical nose job

A Non-Surgical Nose Job has many benefits. It is a less risky and more cost-efficient procedure than the surgeries because you can get the procedure done in one day. It doesn’t use general anaesthesia, and there are very few complications. A Non-Surgical Nose Job is also less painful than any other kind of nose job because it isn’t using any general anaesthesia, and you don’t have to take time off from work or be out of commission for weeks. This procedure is also just as effective as any surgical nose job because there are no sutures, and they’re just reshaping your nose with filler. Hence, a Non-Surgical Nose Job is much quicker and requires very little recovery time.

How the Non-Surgical Nose Job is Performed

A nose job is high in-demand treatment. The nose job begins with a consultation where the doctor will explain how the procedure works and the expectations. The doctor will then numb your nose with lidocaine, so you’re not feeling any pain during the procedure. After this, they will inject your nose with hyaluronic acid, a filler that will make your nose look better, so it’s not as wide and droopy anymore. The procedure usually takes less than half an hour, and then you can go home. There may be some swelling after the operation, but it should go down in a week or two, and after three months, there should be little to no signs of swelling at all.

The Procedure’s Effectiveness

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs are a type of procedure that has been proven to be just as effective as the more expensive surgeries. If you’re looking for speedy and less painful, Non-Surgical Nose Jobs are a great option because they only take an hour or two, and it’s over before you know it. They’re also a less expensive option when looking for cosmetic surgery because it doesn’t require general anaesthesia or plastic surgery, which makes the procedures much cheaper than other types of nose jobs.

What can a Non-Surgical Nose Job do for you?

Your non-surgical nose job will give you an instant result. You don’t have to wait 6 weeks to see changes in your face as it is an instant result that is noticeable immediately. You will also be getting a more natural look as there are no scars, and the surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia. Your nose will look as natural as possible without the stigma of surgery which can normally be seen.

You should see a slimmer nose, a more defined tip to your nose, as well as a reduction in any asymmetry that you have. Your face will look so much more defined, and a non-surgical nose job procedure is one of the most sought after treatments when it comes to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs versus Surgical Nose Jobs

There are a few differences between Non-Surgical Nose Jobs and surgical nose jobs, but both offer the same results. A Non-Surgical Nose Job is less invasive because it involves no sutures, surgery, or general anaesthesia. This means that your recovery time is short, and you don’t have to take days off of work or worry about healing at all during this process. The downside to a Non-Surgical Nose Job is some complications such as swelling and bruising, but they go away in just a few weeks after the procedure.

A surgical nose job involves going under general anaesthesia, so you’re completely unconscious during the surgery. The disadvantage of a surgical nose job is that there is less swelling, and you can take time off of work because this type of surgery requires several weeks to recover. There can also be more complications when you get this type of nose job because of the anaesthesia.

Researching and Finding a Non-Surgical Nose Job Provider

A non-surgical nose job with fillers should be performed only by an experienced physician or a licensed medical doctor. You should thoroughly research your options when choosing a doctor to perform the treatment on you. The best way to look for a provider is to ask your friends and family if they know any doctors who perform the non-surgical nose job. Dr Nirdosh Aesthetic Clinic Dubai is regularly referred to new patients by all her patients for her amazing skills at producing stunning results for a non-surgical nose job.

The list of steps you should take before getting a non-surgical nose job with fillers:

Visit an accredited doctor who performs non-surgical procedures daily: Before you choose a doctor that will perform your nose job, visit at least three doctor offices that offer this procedure. Please select the one that you feel most comfortable with based on their experience and professionalism. It would be best to discuss your cosmetic goals and any concerns regarding the permanent results of a nose job.

Discuss and understand all costs associated with Non-Surgical Nose Job with Fillers

It is best to get all cost information before you have the treatment. You can ask your doctor the total price that will be charged for the non-surgical nose job. This should include any extra fees, such as special needles or numbing cream, which might be needed during your procedure.

Do some research about Medications and Side Effects.

You should also understand the side effects and follow the doctor’s directions after your nose job. This will help you achieve a natural-looking result without any complications and give you a realistic understanding of the expected side effects, such as swelling, bruising, and puffiness around your nose. It would be best if you also remembered to take the medications provided by your doctor and follow their directions about over-the-counter pain medications.


A Non-Surgical Nose Job is a speedy and less painful procedure that won’t require you to take time off from work. It may cause some discomfort, but the length and frequency of discomfort will be small in comparison to other types of nose jobs. A Non-Surgical Nose Job is also cost-efficient for cosmetic surgeries because it doesn’t require general anaesthesia or plastic surgery which makes the procedures much cheaper than other types of nose jobs. This procedure will also not change your face drastically unless you want it to. The results are more natural-looking than the results of a regular nose job, and you will look beautifully different. A non-surgical nose lift is a great option for those who want to update their appearance without the cost and permanence of other types of nose jobs or plastic surgery.

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