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Dr Nirdosh is London’s Cosmetic Doctor to the Stars. A pioneer, innovator, voice of authority on how to stop the ageing process and best selling author, Dr Nirdosh has revolutionised our understanding of how to reverse ageing. Her discovery of ‘Growth Hormone’ as the magic bullet to youth led her to develop a ground breaking body plan that makes you younger in just 42 Days! Celebrities prescribe to the Dr Nirdosh Body Plan and use her unique system as a daily lifestyle to help their youth gene flourish.

Dr Nirdosh theorises that ageing is a disease and can be stopped in its tracks with the correct medication. Dr Nirdosh worked over a decade to develop a range of potent skin treatments that protect against skin ageing on both outer and inner cellular level. She introduced her first ‘ miracle youth capsule’ in 2008; youth pills that can block ageing without going under the knife. Hailed as ‘clever cosmetics’ by TATLER Dr Nirdosh Cosmetic Youth Pills are now regularly prescribed to royal families and celebrities in over twelve different countries.

The Dr Nirdosh Clinic Harley Street is the name renown for cosmetic non-surgical facelifts. The Clinic treats royalty and high profile men and women internationally, who regularly fly into London seeking her special injectable nip and tuck. Known for creating the most beautiful and sophisticated faces and pushing the boundaries of cosmetic perfection, Dr Nirdosh has established a unique style that is identified and admired all over the world. Dr Nirdosh’s attention to detail makes all the difference.

Dr Nirdosh, a British medical doctor qualified at Birmingham Medical University. Registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), Dr Nirdosh is an appointed UK ambassador for the makers on Botox®, regular medical columnist for Now Magazine and a contributor to the BBC. Her clinics have become a one stop hub for fashion models, celebrities, business magnates and society elite, looking for her pristine injectable nip and tuck. The celebrity skin doctor has been featured in the BBC, Grazia, Tatler, Guardian, Observer, The Times, New Woman, OK Magazine, Fabulous, The London Evening Standard, The Mirror and many other publications

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TULLULAH  | Google Review
TULLULAH | Google Review
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Life-changing... this would be the word to best describe my experience with Dr Nirdosh. She is naturally talented but she also has an outstanding mastery of a great range of techniques: intuition and expertise come together seamlessly in her hands to provide a service that has always left me satisfied, happy and confident. On top of that she is a great listener and has the biggest empathy, which I think is essential in her world as she is able to understand what you want and what you need no matter what your aesthetic inclinations are... she suits the most conservative and the most brave patients, but always providing a great result. She will hold your hand, tell you the truth and be patient, but she will also execute her job with efficiency, safety and professionalism. In summary, she is the real deal and I will not trust anyone: as I said she has changed my life and I hope to count with her help and now friendship for much more years to come.
2 months ago
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Going to see Dr Nirdosh 8 years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have been going to see her a few times a year ever since and consider her not only as the best cosmetic and skin care doctor there is but also a friend. I work in fashion and encounter many individuals who have had various treatments and I have to say there is so much to be said for choosing the correct doctor. Dr Nirdosh’s work is so skilled, she works with you on creating your look as discreetly as possible, she’s honestly a genius. From the initial consultation Dr Nirdosh can expertly suggest what she feels will be beneficial and In my personal experience that has been the part that has blown me away. Her work to follow is completely flawless. She puts you at ease and to be honest i could never go to anyone else! My friends and clients all feel the same. Trust me, her work is life changing!
KELLY O' BRIEN | Google Review
KELLY O' BRIEN | Google Review
4 moths ago
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Dr Nirdosh is amazing. The best botox and filler doctor out there. As I have been to so many place over the years and never received the look I required. Or the treatment I was given. I'm so happy and blessed to have met Dr nirdosh. Once you meet her. You will realise you have come to the right place. You will feel so comfortable and at ease. What so lovely there is no pressure. She listen to all you say, and then gives her amazing advice. My procedure was done with such care and zero pain. My results are phenomenal. Thank you so much Dr nirdosh ❤️
SOPHIE G | Google Review
SOPHIE G | Google Review
1 month ago
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I’ve been seeing Dr Nirdosh for about 8 years, beginning with lip augmentation when I was 34, and gradually adding in Botox and filler treatments. Dr Nirdosh has worked wonders; I am often told I look to be in my early 30’s and I am now 42! The effects of the treatments have given me so much confidence and I look better now than I did in my early 30’s. Dr Nirdosh herself is a very special woman who has become a good friend over the years. As well as excelling in her profession, Dr Nirdosh is a genuine lady who will never suggest treatments for the sake of it - she has at times told me I don’t need certain procedures and this has only increased my trust in her! Dr Nirdosh takes a holistic approach to her work and has a real talent for creating a natural look. If you’re looking for an extremely talented and genuine practitioner you can trust, you will find her in Dr Nirdosh! Like



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