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DR NIRDOSH reveals how the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla new very expensive makeover may include surgery  -  Daily Mail

Duchess of Cornwall Camilla gets a VERY expensive makeover at Jo Hansford salonCamilla's face isn't that of an average sixty-something,' explains top Harley Street skin specialist Dr Neetu Nirdosh. 'Her fresh appearance 

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Cosmetic Doctor Dr NIRDOSH Warns Against "Risky" Vaginal Plumping Trend - Her.ie

Cosmetic Doctor Warns Against "Risky" Vaginal Plumping Trend. Dr Nirdosh has warned of the many side effects associated with a new trend in cosmetic gynaecology which sees fillers injected into the genitalia. The doctor has revealed ...

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Dr NIRDOSH warns genital enhancements are on the rise as men and women request dermal fillers - Metro

Genital enhancements are on the rise as men and women request dermal fillers with celebrity doctor Dr NIRDOSH. Genital enhancement is the latest in cosmetic trends. Yes, that's plumping down there by injecting dermal fillers.

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 Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor DR NIRDOSH, internationally recognised by royalty & celebrities worldwide as the UK's top Harley Street Cosmetic Doctor innon-surgical facial reconstructive procedures. An anti ageing pioneer and author of Dr NIRDOSH ANTI AGEING SECRETS, she's regularly hailed as the  'Best Doctor to go to in London for Anti Wrinkle Injections' by elite high profile a-list clients. Dr Nirdosh's leading surgery includes her sought after Lip Augmentation and Advanced Dermal Filler Injections 

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Dr   N I R D O S H        Dr. Nirdosh is the Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor, Author, Now Magazine's Doctor, Founder of Dr Nirdosh Skincare and Dr Nirdosh Cosmetic Clinics.

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Gwyneth Paltrow; I'm Ready For Cosmetic Surgery! EXPOSED; This Woman inspires Middle Eastern Women to want cosmetic surgery The world's oldest supermodel at 81 - and yes she is gorgeous !
A natural beauty with a calm exposure. One who refrains to be seduced by all the hollywood razzamatazz. Until it comes to her face
Saudi women are flocking to London for cosmetic surgery. Who's created this desire in middle eastern women to embark upon a transatlantic cosmetic journey? This woman is nothing short of gorgeous. She's the oldest catwalk supermodel in the world. 
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 Skin Ageing | Official Dr Nirdosh® Cosmetic Clinic
Wrinkles are visible as deep folds, ridges, creases and even fine lines in the skin, which typically make their appearance as we age. A quick fix resoultion is to book an appointment with a botox doctor london and request cosmetic surgery, botox treatments and lip enhancement. Other factors that can cause facial wrinkles and skin ageing include lifestyle traits such as smoking, sun damage, poor nutrition and lack of sleep, among others. Discover Dr. Nirdosh's anti ageing skin care plan for your skin. 


 A WARNING by Dr Nirdosh

 Croydon Facelift | Official Dr Nirdosh® Cosmetic Clinic
Women are being given serious warnings by scientists and doctors to avoid attempting to mimic the famous celebrities who are sporting the so-called Croydon facelift. Unfortunately for many women who love this hairstyle, scientists have repeatedly stated that styling the hair in such a manner could potentially lead to permanent damage of both the scalp and hair leading to a desire for cosmetic surgery or a non surgical facelift to remedy the damage.


 WHAT YOU PAY FOR by Dr Nirdosh

 Costs of a Facelift | Official Dr Nirdosh® Cosmetic Clinic
While you’re contemplating the true cost of a facelift, remember the popular proverb that says you usually get what you pay for. Facelift surgery calls for some complex and intricate surgical skill in order to turn out well. If it's non-surgical you need a botox doctor who understands the complexities of this procedure.


  THE TRUTH by Dr Nirdosh

 Facial Exercises | Official Dr Nirdosh® Cosmetic Clinic

There are many facial exercises programs being advertised which claim that any person can look younger by as much as ten years after following certain facial exercise programs for a specified period of time. The claim is that these facial exercises can enhance the complexion and get rid of wrinkles even without any form of botox injections or a mini face lift.


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