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Non-Surgical Under Eye Correction Tear Trough Procedure by Dr NIRDOSH 


The area directly under the eyes age progressively. Lifestyle and genetics are the main contributors leaving under eye areas prone to unsightly ageing concerns such as loss of skin volumization, dark circles, sunken eyes and puffy under eye bags. 

Dr NIRDOSH is constantly correcting celebrities’ under eye Tear Trough to provide them with leading results. “I love how the dermal filler injections or tear trough filler injections correct the damaged tear trough areas.” Dr Nirdosh regularly injects under the eye area to restore youthful eyes.

Dr NIRDOSH says ‘Tear Trough Filler treatment is a fabulous treatment which can vanish bags and darkness and restore lost volumization that occurs with ageing. It’s a common problematic area for women, as some days eyes look more puffy and saggy than others. Add late nights into the mix and you have under eyes areas that are rapidly declining. 

My tear trough treatment can fix this in less than 20 minutes with instantly visible results. Women who have not had this treatment should come to see us on Harley Street as they are really missing out on regaining beautiful eyes.


You should start considering Tear Trough procedure like many no surgical procedures sooner than later as the delicate area is highly prone to ageing and fatty tissue accumulates with age, creating heavy eye bag sacks and dark ringed circles. 

Doctor inserts the Dermal Filler or the Tear Trough Filler just above and around the tiny surrounding areas above the bone of the eye socket. 

Once this is complete, the intricate craftsmanship of beautiful results begins. Dr NIRDOSH employs a process of clever maneuvering and gentle shifting the hyaluronic acid to plump up the hollow eye area and restore lost volume whilst concealing the dark circles. 

This all occurs with the primary focus of blending the filler into shape of the cheekbones.

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Dr Nirdosh is internationally recognised worldwide by royals and celebrities as one of the UK’s pioneering Harley Street cosmetic doctors in non-surgical facial reconstructive procedures. 

A celebrated author, Dr Nirdosh is held in high esteem by her high profile patients and is hailed as the Best Botox Doctor in London by her A-List clientele. 

Dr Nirdosh’s leading cosmetic surgical treatments are sought after and include her infamous lip augmentation, tear trough fillers and dermal fillers London private service. 

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Dr Nirdosh; the celebrity cosmetic doctor and best selling author. A pioneer in modern anti ageing medicine, Dr Nirdosh's cosmetic dermal fillers deliverance supasses and is a soughT after premier Harley Street cosmetic procedure for those in the know: a leading facial solution to unslightly years and wrinkles. Book your free private consultation with Dr Nirdosh using the form above or simply call Dr Nirdosh Harley St on 020 7486 4163.


Tired looking eyes, hollows under the eyes, signs of ageing in eyes, or unattractive depression under your eyes, dark circles under the eyes or the hollows under the eyes are a common complaint from patients. All these occur due to tear trough deformity. 

The tear trough is the lower blueish under eye area just above the cheek. It is also known as the nasojugal groove or the eye bag.

The lower lid bags under your eyes are mostly caused by orbital fat protruding through it. 

The concave deformity under your eyes is ‘Tear Trough Deformity’. 

The deep trough creates shadows which are perceived as the dark circles under the eye or the hollows under the eyes. 

The division between the cheek and the under eye area is a significant sign of ageing.

People with tear trough deformity usually older than they actually are, and tired than they actually are.

The tear trough occurs due to tethering of the delicate skin under the eyes due to ageing and sometimes health issues. 

There is dermal filler treatment available to get rid of the tear trough deformity.

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