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Published by DOCTOR NIRDOSH Cosmetic Celebrity Aesthetic Doctor - 14th September 2021

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Your No.1 Dermatologist in Dubai (2020)-Celebrities Cosmetic Dermatology, Dr.Nirdosh

Hey, I’m Dr. NIRDOSH — one of the world’s top Stars and renowned Best Dermatologist in Dubai for aesthetic surgery and skin therapy treatment of elite stars, high profile celebrities, and a skin specialist for royal expat women skin conditions .Dr. Nirdosh’s Dubai dermatologist clinics and Medical Centre care for cosmetic dermatology treatment services for general skin conditions including the Anti-ageing injections and procedures, Skin Cancer, Botox, Dermal Fillers, Pigmentation, and Mesotherapy for fat and cellulite injections and treatment therapies for skin across the United Arab emirates.

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“Going to see Dr. Nirdosh 8 years ago was the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have been going to see her a few times a year ever since and consider her not only as my best cosmetic and skincare doctor there is but also a friend. I work in fashion and encounter many individuals who have had various treatments and I have to say there is so much to be said for choosing a correct doctor. Dr. Nirdosh’s work is so skilled, she works with you on creating your look as discreetly as possible, she’s honestly a genius. From her initial consultation, Dr. Nirdosh can expertly suggest what she feels will be beneficial and In my personal experience that has been the part that has blown me away. Her work to follow is completely flawless. She puts you at ease and to be honest I could never go to anyone else! My friends and clients all feel the same. Trust me, her work is life-changing!”

Alexa Middleton

Dr. Nirdosh Dermatology Dubai Therapy

Cosmetic treatments of  dermatology in dubai is essentially a clinical medicine dealing with the skin and treatment therapy specialty in the human body’s largest organ- Skin. Treatment of skin cancer, lip enhancement, skin correction of uneven pigmentation, tattoo removal, wart and mole removal, scar treatment, and photo pneumatic hair removal in the hospital are also done by the skin Derma department.

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And Dr. Nirdosh’s clinics being the best Abu Dhabi dermatology clinic for hair and skin problems, your search for a near me derma specialist when in Dubai ends now right here! With my Dr, Nirdosh’s derma clinic in Dubai, your skin diseases, and other underlying conditions including aging lines and wrinkles, acne treatment, and other disorders like Eczema, Psoriasis, and Hyperhidrosis– excess sweating will be a buried past by scheduling your free dermatology consultation right now!

Dr. Nirdosh is one of the best royal celebrity doctors of dermatology for London’s celebrity stars and elite men and women of the United Arab Emirates. She as well specializes in Elite dermatologists Dubai cosmetic skin lifts as she is a published author of her best selling Anti-Ageing Secrets book. Dr. Nirdosh’s global dermatologist clinic facilitates the following range of services to their patients — a world-class cosmetic dermatology treatment for skin in Dubai experience…

  • Aesthetic and anti-aging therapies
  • Lip fillers in dubai
  • Dermal fillers in Dubai
  • Restore hair growth through platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair loss treatment
  • Thermal Electrocautery for warts
  • Skin biopsy chemical peeling
  • Intralesional immunotherapy
  • Mesotherapy injection
  • Chemical peeling
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Face rejuvenation
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Laser for hair removal
  • Cryo treatment
  • Best Dermatologist Dubai for dermal fillers

 Dermatology in Dubai-Dr. Nirdosh

Book your first free cosmetic dermatology appointment with the top dermatologist in Dubai for hair and skin treatments Dr. Nirdosh worldly renowned for her Anti-aging secret formula and offering the best dermatology services from her select dermatology clinics in Dubai.

The Best Skin Dermatology Doctor- Dr. Nirdosh Dubai Dermatology Clinic

When it comes to women’s ageing skin treatment and care of the skin from dreadful skin conditions that don’t necessarily need surgery, global derma cosmetic Doctor to stars, British derma expert Dr. Nirdosh center of dermatology puts your hair and skin treatment procedures to an international level for the best celebrity-like beauty results for both the elite and high profile women flying into London and the UAE