The 8 Point Surgery Free Facelift for Instant Face Lifting Results and NO DOWNTIME!

by Celebrity Doctor Dr Nirdosh - Aug 17, 2021

What is a Liquid Facelift

In recent years, the demand for my non-surgical facelifts has grown immensely and in the last few months it seems that the 8 POINT LIQUID FACELIFT and the amount of people looking for this anti-aging Dermal Fillers treatment has increased dramatically. Non-surgical treatments are an effective way to get rid of those unwanted wrinkles and saggy skin as they can be done without the need for anaesthesia. A liquid facelift is right at the top of them currently, and defined by an injection of liquid fillers in 8 certain points on your face which provide both volume and lifting WITH GREAT RESULTS!

An 8 Point Face Lift that lifts your FACE!

Also known commonly as the 8 point lift, the purpose of the liquid facelift is targeting the exact 8 points that are the most important for lifting, namely the jaw line, neck and cheek bones. The liquid fillers injected into these areas target specific skin cells and can essentially turn back ageing. You get a full facelift in a matter of minutes and the effects are instant without any cutting or stitching. You also get the benefit of being able to go back to your daily life straight after the treatment is finished, so patients are more than happy at this point as they get the results of a full facelift with liquid fillers and without surgery

This procedure has now become one of the most popular non surgical procedures recommended by my anti-ageing clinic due to its fantastic results. The great thing about it is that you get a full facelift in a matter of minutes and if you want results fast then this is ideal for you.

How does it work?

The best way to give you an idea of what this treatment is all about is by explaining how it works. A liquid facelift is defined by injecting dermal filler into specific points on the face which are related to ageing and this provides the instant results that are associated with it. Injected correctly Dermal Fillers are the secret to ageless skin however with a liquid facelift you just target only the most defined areas prone to ageing. 

The 8 points used during the treatment and their functions:

1) Forehead lift – This point helps to reduce forehead lines by relaxing the muscles which pull on the brows causing wrinkling in this area.

2) Side of eyes lift – This point helps to smooth crow’s feet and forehead lines around the corner of the eyes around the tear trough area. It also reduces puffiness in this area which can occur as a result of either excess weight or poor sleep patterns. This targets reducing eye bags.

3) Nasolabial folds – Also known as smile lines, this point is used to reduce the lines which appear on both sides of the nose.

4) Jaw line lift – This point can be used to treat jowls or loose jawline skin and it also works in conjunction with the cheek lift points.

5) Cheek lift – Constantly pulling skin cheek fillers can create a facelift alone, this point is used to smooth these lines.

6) Sunken cheek masseter muscle – This point is used to treat jowls. It is injected into the masseter muscle and it allows the person to smile with confidence.

7) Chin lift – This point has a similar treatment benefit to that of the jaw line lift. It helps to treat jowls, smooth lines on the chin area and can be used in combination with cheek lifts.

8) Jowls – This point helps to reduce jowls or sunken cheeks to lift them.

Once injected the face has been lifted in some way so it fills out and restores facial volume.

Ideal Candidates

This treatment has been created for anyone who is unhappy with the way their face looks and wants to turn back the hands of time. We see a lot of people that are experiencing problems with loose skin and wrinkles all over the face and this treatment can really help them out. It is also ideal for people that have an issue with their jawline, the cheeks, sagging on the face, and they want to lift it all up a little more so it doesn’t droop down as much.

Juvederm Filler for An 8 Point Approach

Juvederm a filler made for wrinkles, which can be injected into the face to add volume and lift. It comes in pre-filled syringes that can be easily and painlessly injected into the skin. These 8 points work in harmony with Juvederm to provide you with a lifted and contoured look. It is one of the more expensive fillers, but may last longer than other types- up to a year in some cases and dermal fillers .

The idea behind this non-surgical facelift is that by adding volume to these particular points, you create volume with the range of Juvederm injected all over your face- thus lifting your skin and giving you a more youthful appearance. You can expect Juvederm filler to last up to a year, so it is the perfect filler for anyone who wants a Liquid face lift. that’s why it is the preferred filler for the 8 point approach.

The Benefits

Selectively injecting specific points on the face with fillers provides both volume to reduce sagging skin and lifting to eliminate wrinkles. The result will be noticeable even in 10 minutes as tiny bumps begin to form from the injections. The benefits of liquid facelift are instant results, no need for general anaesthetic, and invisible scarring on an already tense area near the eyes. It is also more cost-effective than surgical facelifts as you only require one or two injections instead of multiple ‘slices’. With regular use patients see significant droop reduction within a six month period which inevitably leads to more dramatic results.

An added benefit of the 8 point non-surgical liquid facelift is that you can tighten your face at any time for special occasions like a wedding or before a big meeting. This means you will always look fantastic! Women who don’t want to undergo surgery often spend thousands of pounds on cosmetic products and treatments to enhance their face only to be disappointed that the effects are not long lasting. With this simple non-surgical procedure you can instantly improve the appearance of your face and maintain it for years.

The above points highlight how effective and convenient liquid facelift treatments are in comparison with surgical facelifts. By combining these benefits with results that will last for years the 8 point non-surgical liquid facelift will be your first choice when looking for a quick and easy way to a new you. 

Combination of other Treatments

Combining other treatments can be a great way to boost your individual results making you look so young, as combining techniques in a synergistic way can produce greater benefits for you than treating one problem at a time. For example, Botox injections and Lip Fillers regular microdermabrasion with chemical peels plus skin prp can be treated at the time of your liquid facelift.

Combining treatments also helps to reduce your treatment costs. Not only do the results of combining treatments provide you with enhanced benefits, but it also means that a lot less time is taken in your sessions- reducing both travel time and the amount of treatments required for optimal results. 


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