Exercise For Sharp Jawline – There are many facial exercises or exercise for sharp jawline programs being advertised which claim that any person can look younger by as much as ten years after following certain exercise for sharp jawline programs for a specified period.

The claim is that these exercise for sharp jawline can enhance the complexion and get rid of wrinkles even without any form of surgery. Many of these so called face exercise programs are said to lift the eyebrows, minimize bags in the under eye area, even out neck lines, and fatten up the lips, resulting in an overall younger-looking appearance and creators of these facial exercise programs say that the face exercises promote the increase of collagen, a major protein that keeps the skin firm and looking young e.

Facial exercises for jawline definitely have many supporters, even among celebrities. However, the truth is not everybody in the dermatology and cosmetic surgery field believe they work. The actual face exercises themselves have a couple of important attacks against it that seriously put into question their effectiveness as an anti-aging measure.

As there is no scientific proof or any reliable study that shows how effective these facial exercises to improve your jawline is, the best thing to do is to act cautiously and not spend obscene amounts of money to buy such face exercise programs. Otherwise, you may end up wasting cash on false claims. If you are concerned about the signs of skin aging, it is best to arrange a FREE consultation with Doctor Nirdosh to get the correct treatment advice for your specific face.

The first criticism against facial exercises is that there is currently no study existing nor any study still being conducted which proves that these face exercises indeed produce the benefits that they are claimed to give. The second and bigger criticism against facial exercises is the claim, that face exercises can reverse the signs of aging.

It’s been medically proven that the face muscles or face exercise for jawline which are used heavily are, in fact, the cause of wrinkles like frown lines and crow’s feet, contrary to the claim that they are the remedy.

For instance, if a person has experienced a stroke, which rendered one-half of the face paralyzed, the paralyzed part has a tendency to appear smoother and with less wrinkles compared to the side that was not paralyzed.

In the same note, Botox injections get rid of a wrinkle by paralyzing the wrinkle-causing muscles. The facial exercises produce the exact opposite effect. In addition, there is no scientific basis for believing that improving blood circulation to the face through face exercises will promote the production and increase of collagen.

On the other hand, it’s believed that some exercises for the neck may possibly tone the muscles in the area, which may eventually firm up the skin on the lower jaw and the neck. Other studies show that the muscles elsewhere in the face would remain fine and thin regardless of what kind and how much facial exercises they receive. And even if the muscles in those areas could indeed be built up through face exercises, the person will most certainly end up with wrinkles.